The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Project: Ritz-Carlton Hotel 
Location: Herzliya, Israel 
Architect: Rani Ziss Architects, Ltd
Interior Design: Studio Gaia, New York
197 incl. 82 Suites
Public Areas & Guest Areas 
Completion: 2013

As one enters the Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya one walks through a wide corridor along which three large screens display the video art work "The Room” by Eyal Landsman. The work is divided into three synchronized videos displayed simultaneously. The videos were produced especially for the hotel in a stop-motion technique, partly shot underwater. Have a peek behind the scenes in the making of "The Room”
Photographs from the video work were also printed and framed for the hotel guestrooms and apartments tying the public areas and guestrooms together.The overlaying art concept for the project is based on the connection between dream and reality, inside and outside, hidden and revealed.


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