•  Art Concept Development
    Our first encounter with a new project involves research into various aspects of its location, culture, design concepts and/or history. The outcome of that research serves as a foundation for the creative process of art concept development.

  • Art Package Development
    Working from an approved concept, we develop an art package that presents the artworks by location.

  • Detailed Art Package Planning
    We work with the project’s professional teams on an art assimilation plan - from determining materials, dimensions and placement of each work, to installation and lighting details.

  • Art Sourcing
    Searching for the right artists, artisans and artefact producers is a major task. Our international network of nearly 3,000 artists and hundreds of artisans working in 44 countries is our initial base, which enables us to approach a project with a strong creative foundation.

  • Copyrights Release Management
  • Most artworks require the release of copyrights before reproduction. Release process may be simple or complicated depending on ownership structure of the image and other factors. We handle the process with artists, museums, libraries and other relevant holders.

  • Art Production
    In most hotels, guest areas are treated with reproductions. Following final art selections, we produce high quality art prints, frames and specially designed accessories and objects. Managing the copyrights of works by thousands of artists gives us the flexibility to produce reproductions in various locations around the world and cut logistics and importation tax costs.

  • Art Commissions Management
    For artworks specifically designed and produced for a given project, we guide the planning by the artists and provide supervision and management of the process from sketch to placement.

  • Logistics
    We handle the art packing, crating, shipping, insurance, delivery and installation anywhere in the world.

  • Supporting Materials
    Following the completion of a project and at client’s request, we handle the design and production of art labels, catalogs and in-room TV art programs about the collection.
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